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Project Brazil    Jesus` love is THE force!

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Project Brazil is dedicated to present the reality of God's love in actions and words when words become necessary.

We work in collaboration with individuals and institutions, religious and non-religious, to bringing justice and mercy to where we serve as an essential part of who we are; followers of Jesus Christ who also was a traveling resource center that served people in practical ways making their lives better on earth, and yet also told the world about the GOOD NEWS of a life in the FATHER’s home after we leave this earth for those who believe, and would follow the principles HE so clearly lived while on earth; Love God & Love others, and to show the reality of such commitment showing with the fruits of His Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control.

All of our work of Mercy & Justice (social programs) are freely offered as an expression of the faith we have embraced when we began to follow Jesus Christ who came to the world to "serve and not be served" (Mark 10:45) and did not demand anything in exchange for His healing of the sick, feeding of the hungry, and embracing with love anyone who came to Him and needed to experience God's love in visible ways.

Someone asked “What if the main icon of the Christian faith had been FISH & BREAD?

Christ provided food, healing, attention, embrace, HIS ears to hear the distressed, and helped people in practical ways; Jesus treated  everyone knowing they were created in God's image and likeness; It was clear that FOR JESUS we’re all  worth, WE ARE PRICELESS in the sight of God; matter our current condition.

We realize and honor those who have other emphasis in their mission. We do want to be a place for those, like us, who sees the focus we are committed to follow as part of their mission too.

Join us and be part of Project Brazil with us.. Get in touch!


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